Dr Evan Lewis PhD, MD, PC

(Anthony Evan Dowden Lewis)


Part 1 Introduction to the tutorial How to use a Boxford engineers lathe

Part 2 The knobs and levers on a Boxford lathe 1953

Part 3 Setup Options for the Boxford Lathe

Part 4 Planning the project for a Boxford lathe

Part 5 Parting and Facing using a Boxford lathe

Part 6 Facing the end to the correct length

Part 7 Four Jaw Chuck and Dial Gauge on a Boxford lathe

Part 8 Drilling and tapping a hole at 120 with 4 jaw chuck on the Boxford lathe

Part 9 The boiler, valve, filler cap and rotor of the Hero steam engine

Lathe Project Season 2 Episode 1

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